My Story: Saying YES to God

I am not my own. I’ve been bought with a price. To live is Christ, to die is gain.

These are truths that are beginning to seep into my heart that have been hiding out in my head for too long. God has taken me on a journey of trust for the past two years and each step of the way, He has taught me to say “YES” when He asks something of me. Even when I don’t fully understand and can’t see what’s on the other side of the first step of obedience. This is another such step.

For a few years, I have felt called to ministry to some capacity. More recently, I have felt compelled to be involved in discipleship and have been discovering what that means. In the summer of 2011, I went on my first solo trip abroad. God showed me so much and opened my eyes and heart to the pain, sin, and suffering that is going on beyond what I experience in my comfortable, suburban lifestyle. He also gave me a love and longing for the Global Church.

My heart’s desire is to see God glorified in the nations. I desire to GO and share the love, grace, and mercy of Christ. I want to cradle orphaned children and show the love of the Father to the fatherless. I desire to fellowship with women who have been scarred by the horrors of sex trafficking and abuse. To bring hope to the poor who have no hope in earthly things.

Jesus commands us to GO and make disciples of all nations. He also commands us to care for the poor, orphaned, and widowed. In our American churches, we teach that these are optional responses to the Gospel.

A command is not an option.

Loving others with the love of Jesus after experiencing the love of Jesus is not optional. Loving others is a natural overflow of Christ’s love.

But I don’t just want to go to an unknown nation because Jesus commands it.

I also want to go because I want to learn more about the nature of Jesus by getting to know the people he hung out with on earth. Children. Widows. Prostitutes. Thieves. Beggars. Diseased. Ordinary men. People created in His image who need the love and mercy of Christ. Whose stories of pain, suffering, and brokenness could be turned into beautiful stories of redemption if they could only encounter the life-changing love of God.

The other reason I want to go is because I believe that is God’s calling for me now. And I’m realizing more and more each day how short life is. And since Jesus has ransomed my life with His blood – since the promised Holy Spirit dwells within me – I truly am not my own.

My own preferences, comforts, and desires no longer matter. Christ inhabits me day by day and so His will becomes my will as I ask for more of Him. I am just a vessel for His power.

I want to not only proclaim Christ crucified and resurrected, I want to believe in His promises and in His amazing power to heal, champion death, and restore broken lives to wholeness found only in Him.

My journey to South Africa is only part of this life-long journey of discovering more of God’s nature, character, and heart for the nations. I hope that, by God’s grace, He might use my journey to ignite a longing in the hearts of others for the nations to see and experience the glory of God.

God used this song to confirm what He had already spoken about going to South Africa. I’d love for you to hear the first few minutes of this video to experience the powerful song for yourself.

If you would like to donate to help make this missions experience possible, please click the button below:


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